Generate VoiceOvers from text!

Supporting up to 15 voices and 13 languages, the ultimate tool to make semi-automatics voiceovers for your videos!

Add voices to any video!

Use a youtube url or upload your own video and add up to 15 voices & 13 languages!

Define when it starts and ends

With our easy to use editor, define anywhere where the voiceover should start and see where it ends depending the length of the text. All under your control!

All-in-one solution

With our premium processing, we will make individual .mp3 files per chunks of text, a concatenated .mp3 and also merge & sync it automatically with your video!

Free or premium, choose based in your needs!

Our text-to-voice service is FREE! If you need the extra features, you can pay for them in the end of the editor process!

Transparent pricing

VoiceOvers Only


Individual .mp3 files for each chunk of text

Start NOW!


$3 USD

Per each project, you get:

  • Individual VoiceOvers
  • Up to 20 min. videos
  • Single File VoiceOver
  • Priority Processing
  • Merge VoiceOver with video
  • Reliable timespan of when the voiceover is done

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